Bankruptcy Questions and Answers written by a former bankruptcy attorney. These FAQs have been written as a guide for consumers thinking of filing bankruptcy or deepening there knowledge of bankruptcy
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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Calculator

Chapter 13 bankruptcy marks one of the only solutions available for a homeowner to stop a foreclosure without the permission of or acceptance from the lender. While Chapter 13 bankruptcy virtually guarantees that people will retain their homes as long as they make each and every monthly payment under the Chapter 13 bankruptcy plan, keeping up with those payments presents the greatest obstacle to a successful reorganization plan. Before someone seriously considers a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, they need to estimate what their reorganization plan payments might look like. The Chapter 13 bankruptcy payment calculator below does just that.

Start with a very basic Chapter 13 bankruptcy calculator using your unsecured debt (like credit card debt), existing mortgage arrearage and your income available for payment to a reorganization plan. The Chapter 13 payment calculator estimates your payment, including a calculation to determine how many months your Chapter 13 plan might take to complete. If the projected payment looks like something your budget could handle, proceed directly to the advanced Chapter 13 bankruptcy payment calculator. Should calculations indicate a repayment plan demanding 100% of your unsecured debt for those without mortgage payment trouble, you might want to use a calculator to find the number of months required to pay off your debt without filing chapter 13 bankruptcy. For more help to figure out if a chapter 13 represents the best debt solution for you try getting an automated free bankruptcy consultation online. The calculator program assumes an 11% chapter 13 trustee fee. This number may be higher or lower in your area. All fields are required.

What is Your Total Unsecured Debt?
(Credit Cards, Medical Bills, Personal Loans, Dept. Store Cards, etc.)
Affordable monthly amount to pay off debt? (Net income minus living expenses such as food, utilities, child care, mortgage, rent, and taxes. Do not include unsecured debt such as credit cards and personal loans. If you need help figuring out an affordable amount, feel free to use our personal budget calculator.)
What is your monthly mortgage payment?
(Set to zero if you do not own a home.)
Months Currently Behind on Mortgage
(Set to Not Behind if you do not own a home.)

Bankruptcy Questions, Answers and Information

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Find A Bankruptcy Lawyer In Your Area Ready To Help File The Type Of Bankruptcy Case You Need:
Chapter 7 – Complete Debt Discharge
Eliminate most unsecured debt, like credit card debt 100%. In most qualified cases keep all possessions as exempt, sometimes even a home. Start fresh with no debt!
Chapter 13 – Reorganization Bankruptcy
Stop foreclosure and get a plan to pay mortgage arrearage, even against lender objection. Pay unsecured debt at pennies on the dollar. For debtors with positive cash flow. Save your home!
First Consultations Free – No Obligations – See How Your Specific Debts Would Discharge In Bankruptcy