Bankruptcy Questions and Answers written by a former bankruptcy attorney. These FAQs have been written as a guide for consumers thinking of filing bankruptcy or deepening there knowledge of bankruptcy
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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Calculator - Advanced Payment Plan Calculation

Note that all of your values from the basic Chapter 13 bankruptcy payment calculator carried over and already filled in their fields. If you wish to change something, you may make adjustments directly in the advanced calculator, no need to return to the first page. This Chapter 13 bankruptcy payment calculator goes even further by taking into account assets, liabilities, Chapter 13 bankruptcy exemptions and other parameters used by the bankruptcy court and the bankruptcy trustee to determine your actual Chapter 13 monthly payment. Should the projected monthly payment proposed by the Chapter 13 calculator stretch beyond your means, you might either rethink your budget or explore other ways to stop foreclosure or help with unsecured debt. The program assumes an 11% trustee fee, this number may be slightly higher or lower in your area. All fields are required.

If the advanced Chapter 13 bankruptcy payment calculator returned an estimated payment that you honestly feel you could manage for the time period suggested by the calculator, then proceed to learn more about whether you look like someone who should file for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, as well as find answers to many of the other questions about what Chapter 13 is. You can even get a second opinion about whether Chapter 13 is the best way to deal with your debt. For those still feeling that Chapter 13 represents their best option after reading all the bankruptcy information, find a bankruptcy attorney and file your Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Don't be surprised your advanced chapter 13 payment comes out exactly the same as the payment from the basic chapter 13 bankruptcy calculator, but it will be more accurate. Good luck with your quest to reorganize under Chapter 13!

Home and Property Payments:  
Do you own a home?
Yes No
Automobiles and Car Payments:  
Do you own a car?
Yes No
Additional Questions:  
What is your total unsecured debt?
(Credit Cards, Medical Bills, Personal Loans, Dept. Store Cards, etc.)
Affordable monthly amount to pay off debt?
(Net income minus living expenses such as food, utilities, child care, mortgage, rent, and taxes. Do not include unsecured debt such as credit cards and personal loans. If you need help figuring out an affordable amount, feel free to use our personal budget calculator.)
What state do you live in?
Do you have a spouse?
How much money do you have saved?
Value of any additional assets?:

Find A Bankruptcy Lawyer In Your Area Ready To Help File The Type Of Bankruptcy Case You Need:
Chapter 7 – Complete Debt Discharge
Eliminate most unsecured debt, like credit card debt 100%. In most qualified cases keep all possessions as exempt, sometimes even a home. Start fresh with no debt!
Chapter 13 – Reorganization Bankruptcy
Stop foreclosure and get a plan to pay mortgage arrearage, even against lender objection. Pay unsecured debt at pennies on the dollar. For debtors with positive cash flow. Save your home!
First Consultations Free – No Obligations – See How Your Specific Debts Would Discharge In Bankruptcy